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Poissa MetalBoar

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Moi! I hope it's ok I write in English as I don't know Finnish yet.

Sijainti: Northern Helsinki
Ikä: Any, preferably 20-45.
Peli: D&D 5e
Pelaajamäärä: Looking for 2-3 more people to start a new group.
Milloin pelataan: No time decided yet but most likely on every Sunday afternoon or every 2 weeks
Pelinjohtaja / Mitä pelataan: No DM required, running own homemade campaign to start with.
Roolipelikokemus: Unlike 95% of job applications no previous experience required! I myself am the dungeon master and have been playing 1,5 years.
Muuta: Any questions just ask.

To elaborate, we're an English-speaking group of three (Scottish, Finnish and Dutch) looking to start a regular D&D 5e group in Helsinki. We're looking for 2-3 more players. All ages are welcome, two of us are in our mid-20s and one is 40. No previous experience required from players. Our experience level varies as I (DM) and my girlfriend have been playing for only about 1,5 years, whereas our third member has been playing on and off since 1e. We're looking to have a fun and relaxed game, nothing too serious to begin with. Though the campaign will naturally be in English, perfect English is by no means required. Campaign will be in a homemade land, set within the D&D universe. I ran the campaign before I left Scotland and it was well recived. Since we all recently move to Helsinki we were hoping to meet like-minded people. If your interested or have any questions please feel free to ask.
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Poissa finglish

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Hey there,

I would be very much interested to join in. I am completely new to DnD so may need some hand holding at least to begin with. I have downloaded the free player manual from the dnd webpage and have had a read through, would I need to create my character beforehand or is it a group discussion/challenge too, to try to balance the game? Seen as I have also never created a character either it would be nice to get some advice about this too. I'm very excited to join in and get started.

If you need to contact me, it would be more efficient to do so through e-mail, but you can also contact me through here. Preferably I would suggest every other week but i'm sure I can try to pull a few strings to come more frequently if need be (the reason being is that I have a 5 month old baby to deal with). Hope to see you soon.


Peter Howett

Poissa MetalBoar

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Just to let anyone looking know the group is now full, will post again if a space becomes available.