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Never Ending Night
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Once upon a time there was a mighty empire civizisation. It was a prosperous and wonderful and peaceful place to live, but one ill fateful day. Just as the prophets who no one believed, foretold the day of the fading sun began, such as the devestatin wars with the dwellers of the dark. Until one day, the sun itself just exploded in the most cataclysmic event. Leaving the world as we knew destroyed and so began the age of the ethernal night.

Yet all hope is not lost. The Archmages and Archpriests of the counsil whose studied the great fires of the purge. Were able to bring channel their magic the mighty Fireballs into the sky making small stars into the sky, bringing the day upon the kingdoms. Thus saving the man kind from total annilation from the dark dwellers. They were granted the Apsolute authority a life long dictatorship to guide the Land with their artificial Stars.

With the Light of the Seven Archmages, so was once unified empire divided. Thus ended the age of men, and thus began the age of the Ethernal darkness.

  • New Dark unique open world where the sun light is gone Where you adventure into places of unknown. No good or evil rather factions Light races and Dark races. That has all aspects and all shades of morality within them.New powers are rising and others are tryign to adapt in the brink of madness in their sorrows of broken dreams.
  • Difficult moral choises that shape the history and future of the World.
  • Fight the creatures horryfying creatures of terror, cunning villains that seek your demise every turn or anyone who is mad enough to raise sword against you.
  • 5th edition Dungeon's and Dragons modirfied by a professional gamedesigner.
Information about gamesessions.
  • GameMaster: AranSIRE
  • Language: Finnish & English
  • AgeRating: K18
  • Session Place: AlterEgo's Quaters
  • Session Time: Thuesdays 18:00-20:00 (6;00pm to 10;00 pm)

Poissa AranSIRE

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Vs: Never Ending Night
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Players are the Races of the Sun Light dwellers, Their kingdoms and their baground is defined by the place they live.

Dwarfs: Kingdom of the Orange Sun

Ivory works in the mountain core and Fueling power of the biggest volcano Earths core itself is launched into the sky lighting the Dwarven kingdom.

Elves: Kingdom of the Green Sun

By the Arch Druids of the Grove, Planted a 100 years before catalysm a tree. That glows a green light Naturally.

Humans: Kingdom of the White Sun

Arch Priest, with his holy might made his final plea granting a power of minor god to bring remains of the sun into the lands of the Human kingdom.

Halflings: Kingdom of the Yellow Sun

With During a cataclysmic event haflings had a world end party. In that party someone in just accidently launching a rockets too many to some how forming an sun. And no body knew why.

Gnomes: Kingdom of the Blue Sun

The most brilliant chemister minds of the engineering designed a everlasting liquid mixture that glows the blue light.

Half Orcs: Kingdom of the Red Sun

Shamans of their strenght and fury. Calling the spirits of their ancestor. Rage and fury itself manifested with their bloody sacrifice creating the red sun.

Outsiders: Kingdom of the Purple sun

Archmages of the Necromansers Channeling their necromantic powers Opening a portal into the unknown places where creatures beyond comes. Opening portals bringing the strange magical lights. Upon their kingdoms. Despite their forbitten rituals act was totally understandable. So they were also accepted into the Kingdom of the Suns under certain circumstances.